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The Push & Pull Project

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Breaking Bread: Building Bridges

Community Meals: We organize a series of community brunches and dinners in diverse neighborhoods. These feasts bring residents together over a shared meal, fostering dialogue, connection, and community engagement. Through facilitated conversations, guest speakers, and performances, we create spaces for discussions on education, economic empowerment, and environmental justice. By nourishing both bodies and minds, we empower our community to make informed decisions and create lasting change.

KBP PopUps

Our pop-up workshops take place in accessible community spaces like libraries and recreation centers. We cover topics such as financial literacy, civic engagement, green living, and health and wellness. These free workshops are designed to educate and empower young people and their families. By equipping them with knowledge and skills, we strengthen the foundation of our community and inspire a sense of agency and possibility.


We facilitate political education workshops and a 12-week civic engagement and advocacy boot camp for parents and youth. Our program provides the tools and knowledge needed to become effective community advocates. We understand that many individuals face barriers to accessing quality education and lack resources for community organizing and policy advocacy. By empowering parents and youth with the skills and knowledge to advocate for themselves and their communities, we address the root causes of inequality and work towards building a just and equitable city for all.

3Daughters Initiative:

The 3Daughters Initiative is our commitment to leveraging the power of media and community engagement for positive social impact. We amplify diverse voices, foster dialogue, and catalyze action to address pressing social and cultural challenges. Through storytelling, collaboration, and partnership, we inspire empathy, understanding, and collective action, creating a more inclusive and connected community.

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