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Welcome to #ALittlePush!

Updated: Sep 3, 2018

Amazing, awesome, fantastic and terrific are some of my favorite words! They all can be used to describe my excitement as I'm sharing with you. Welcome to K.Billy Push's A Little Push Blog!

The purpose of this platform is to share inspiration, motivation, tips, tricks and resources to support you in creating results that matter. There will be a monthly #dearkbilly post in which you can submit a question and it will be answered here by me or one of my collaborative partners. If you need a little push to get started on your goals or a boost to cross the finish line, you can count on me. If you follow my #dearvisionary #IAmMonday or #winwinwednesday posts this is the place for for you. Bonus! I'll share challenges and upcoming events here as well.

Whether you are a CEO, director, entrepreneur, intrapreneur, student or thought leader, you will find something here to support your journey. I look forward to adding value to your experience with K.Billy Push and introducing you to ideas, concepts and best practice that will elevate and innovate your game. I can go on and on about my plans but as you know we are here to get stuff done!

Please be mindful of the rules for this blog

What I publish in these blog posts represents my views and not those of my clients or affiliates.

I encourage you to respond and add comments; please keep comments relevant to the conversations taking place, maintain respect for all those involved and contribute value and depth to the discussion.

Please don't comment to advertise or promote yourself; if you would like to learn about being a collaborative partner feel free to email me at

Thank you for reading, visiting and being apart of A Little Push. Don't forget to subscribe to stay in the loop.

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