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All you need is a little push!


What we do?  Who we do it for?

K.Billy Push is here to help you make an impact! We are dedicated to creating and improving social impact initiatives. We use thought partnership, program development, and evalutauion to to build innovative solutions. Our mission supports your organization to effectively share information, lessons and stories.

Our team of experts embraces a community-centered approach to social impact, believing that meaningful progress is achieved by working together.  Our team is committed to creating sustainable change and empowering people through equitable and transformative social solutions.

Let us give you a little push and inspire, create, and liberate together!




Consulting and Facilitation

Leverage support to get the best out of your ideas.

K.Billy Push provides comprehensive consulting and facilitation services tailored to your individual needs. Our job is to provide guidance and coaching, offering unparalleled insights and thought leadership in creating or improving your social impact. Whether an agency, service-based company, school, or corporate environment, we guide leaders down a proven path of sustainable change and results.

A Little Push: Youth Empowerment

Guidance and mentorship from leaders of today for leaders of tomorrow.

A Little Push is an initiative that works to unlock the potential of young people. We specialize in providing innovative training and guidance to youth, staff, and key stakeholders to help create meaningful civic engagement and service-learning opportunities. Our unique approach encourages youth to generate ideas, develop skills and create real-world solutions that have a lasting, positive impact on the world.


The Push & Pull Project

Impact the Movement

We are proud to offer our advocacy edutainment pop-ups and training service. We collaborate with clients, coalitions, and stakeholders to develop advocacy issue campaigns and build out activities and activation to accelerate the cause. In addition, we design GOTV (Get-Out-The-Vote) and voter engagement outreach strategies that are both educational and engaging.

Let us help you mobilize.

"Kawanza is a great person with great energy. She is always open to listening to your ideas and creating opportunities and possibilities to have your ideas and visions turn out. For example, I came to her with an idea about doing an interview to create exposure for my non-profit Coins for Humanity and she created an opportunity for that interview to happen! She is very vocal about what it takes to be successful. Most importantly, she's a reminder that we have the power to create the lives that we want to see for ourselves."

Jibri Olugbala Douglass
Director of Coins for Humanity

"The best word to describe Kawanza Billy is LEADERSHIP. I attended a vision board party a friend of mine invited me to. The moment I sat down, I heard this woman speak about how impactful vision boards can be. She talked about choice. I asked, are you a coach? She said yes. She certainly was, and is. Her name is Kawanza, and her coaching helped me map out the vision I had for my life at the time. I wanted and needed that. I am so thankful for my first time experience with Kawanza, and every time I've met her since then has been extraordinary. She pays attention, and always remembers your last conversation. Her leadership had certainly left a lasting impression with me."

Florence K Saint-Jean
Executive Director at Global Trauma Research Inc.

Kawanza is an exceptional social impact leader and strategist. I had the pleasure to work alongside her, while serving as President of a Washington DC based non-profit executive. Her agility, ingenuity and strategic thinking, helped propel our organization and set the foundation for our growth, impact and philanthropic trajectory.

Genaro Stewart

National Security Policy Director, Nonprofit Executive, Social Impact Speaker

"The sessions were insightful and I am walking back to the organisation a better employee. She is terrific , she is braced with information to transform leaders. I have learned practical ways for a company to attain excellence."

Mabel B.Lutalo

Central Bank of Uganda

Founder & Social Impact Consultant

Meet Kawanza Billy, a social impact consultant, storyteller, and facilitator with over a decade of experience leading community-centered initiatives. Though she's been organizing for change since childhood, her advocacy career started in Southeast Queens, Harlem, and Brooklyn, where she served as an outreach coordinator.

Kawanza's love for education and community engagement led her to move to Washington, DC, where she served in numerous roles at education companies and nonprofits. In the nation's capital, she was introduced to emergent strategy, liberatory design, and popular education techniques and tools that grounded her work.


​Kawanza is the founder of K.Billy Push. She directs youth advocacy programs, leads leadership fellowships, builds and facilitates community engagement initiatives, and helps companies answer big questions about education, environmental justice, and emerging markets. She is also the National Advocacy Chair for the National Urban League Young Professionals, advocating for economic empowerment, civil rights, and social justice.​


Kawanza's passion for community engagement is evident in her highlights, which include designing culturally inclusive advocacy events, creating a leadership curriculum supporting over 100 after-school sites, leading retreats for community-based organizations, and training over 250 community leaders in Metro DC.​


When Kawanza isn't facilitating or designing sustainable solutions, she creates nutritious and delicious recipes, produces cultural content, and is a nap ministry practitioner. With her knowledge and experience, she continues to be a force for change, inspiring and igniting the light in others.


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“You don't make progress by standing on the sidelines, whimpering and complaining. You make progress by implementing ideas.” 

― Shirley Chisholm

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